We love hearing feedback from current and former students about how Xavier contributed to their personal and academic development. Our ultimate goal has always been to create an environment where each individual student is given the tools and time they need to succeed. If your time at Xavier shaped your educational experience, we'd love to hear from you too! 

Middle School Student

What's not to love about a homework-free live? This is just one of the many reasons why this Xavier learner loves our school!


Diana was apprehensive about attending Xavier at first, but she quickly found that our educational approach helped her develop and achieve goals.


After attending a public high school and another private high school in Houston, Michael found Xavier to be the best fit for his needs. He appreciates the community, the no homework policy and so many other aspects of our Xavier difference.


Mallory attended a string of high schools before finding Xavier. Hear about her experience since joining our community.


Shannon attending a private Catholic School her entire life. Since joining (and loving) the Xavier community, she has grown academically and artistically.

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Parent Testimonial

Brenda B.

This is the first day Joshua and I have been virtual at home together for a while.

A few awesome points...

Diane truly knows Joshua's needs. I heard her having him read aloud to her, which is exactly what I do...but more than that, she also understands what he struggles with and is so supportive.


Joshua popped out of class at one point and shared how much he...


Alumni Testimonial

Xavier Alumni

I am currently sitting at my kitchen table watching the live stream of the 2020 graduation. I am almost in tears. I logged on to watch Marilyn accept her diploma, and was reminded how proud I am to have experienced a school like Xavier. Congratulations on still being able to provide the Seniors with a graduation they deserve in the middle of this pandemic! I was so happy to see members of the staff that had such an impact on my time there....


Parent Testimonial

Xavier Parent

When we told our daughter that we were moving her from the only school she had ever known so she could get a much better education at Xavier, she was very upset, but she had always been an anxious and stressed child. Since being at XEA, she has been transformed - so happy and calm and actually learning from extremely competent teachers, which has also made her self-confident. She's had such a positive experience that our other daughter took...


Parent Testimonial

Parent of Xavier Student, Jakob

I just wanted to share major breakthroughs that Erin has had with Jakob in English.

I had been emailing with her about Jakob’s accommodations, feedback he has given me, fears he has, etc.

Erin read everything thoroughly, tried out new ideas and techniques with Jakob and I’m happy to share the following which are major breakthroughs:

  1. He actually EMAILED a teacher (Erin),...

Parent Testimonial

Xavier Parent

“Words are insufficient. I listened in on the Algebra Class this morning. You were awesome. I have never heard Lucy answer so many questions in a class. You were perfect by offering encouraging comments or praise every time she spoke up. She just told me ‘I think I am the smartest person in the class’. If you only knew her low self-esteem and total failure in school last fall! I sincerely believe she is beginning to recognize she isn’t “bad...


Parent Testimonial

Courtney T.

Mere weeks before school started for my son, my husband and I pulled an audible. We enrolled him in Xavier Educational Academy just as he was entering his Freshman year of High School.

Having a son with learning differences and being in the middle of a global pandemic, this decision was not easy, nor has it been an easy adjustment for my family. But, it was the right one and that is attributed to working collaboratively with his...