The World Health Organization (WHO) defines wellness as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being...” and here at Xavier, we take this definition to heart. We understand that prioritizing our students’ health and wellness sets them up for success inside and outside of the classroom. Our goal is to ensure that our support for our students goes beyond their academic needs and encompasses their full humanity.


Comprehensive Wellness + Nutrition Class

We understand that our students’ physical health and wellness is crucial to their academic success. Thanks to Certified Personal Trainer and fitness and nutrition coach, Lindsey Day, Xavier currently offers a wellness and nutrition course to provide students with the knowledge they need to keep themselves in optimal health. This class covers nutrition and lifestyle habits such as sleep, exercise, movement and healthy relationships. We want our students to reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives and this begins with developing healthy lifestyle habits.

Since joining Xavier in 2016, Lindsey has made it her mission to ensure our students set and reach their health goals, and her course has quickly become a favorite with our Xavier community!

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Adulting Class

Xavier recently began offering an elective adulting course for our high school students, surrounding “Adulting” basics. In this six-week life skills class, students learn everyday skills needed for success in adulthood including setting up insurance, goal-setting, time management, self-love, advocacy and more. The course is project and discussion-based and follows an experiential learning approach that allows students to engage with classroom material in a practical and realistic manner. Our goal is that students are not merely absorbing the information provided, but are actively applying it to their lives in preparation for their bright futures.

Xavier history teacher and alum, Cooper Paul, developed this course to prepare students for the demands of life after graduation. She recognized that the traditional high school curriculum often left out key life knowledge and skills that prepare students for the adult world.

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Baking & Culinary Therapy

Josie Paul not only built and oversees our Counseling and Mental Health department at Xavier, but she is actively completing her dissertation as a PhD student in Social Health Sciences at Vrije Universiteit, Brussels. Our students are thoroughly enjoying taking part in her doctoral research which investigates how psychotherapy, in a culinary setting, co-creates a collaborative-dialogic space that enriches the identity stories of adolescents who struggle with anxiety.

More specifically, her goal is to gain insight into the experience and meaning of participating in collaborative-dialogic practices in a culinary setting and to explore the identity stories of adolescents who have been formally diagnosed or who self-identify as anxious, from the adolescent’s perspective.

Baking has proven to be a wonderfully therapeutic and enjoyable addition to our students' academic weeks and we look forward to learning the results from her research...and continuing to bring practices like baking therapy to our students moving forward.