Our Holistic Approach

Each student at Xavier is here for a reason: to attain the best possible education that meets his, her, or their individual needs.

Xavier Academy is uniquely positioned to meet and exceed the needs of our students, regardless of their learning style, home life, abilities, location, and more.

In order to best serve our students, we meet each student where he, she or they currently are. We build them up based on their strengths and intervene through mental health and wellness best practices if and when we recognize it would benefit our students.

How We Support Our Students

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Social/Emotional Skills

A happy, healthy student is a student who is better prepared to learn, grow and thrive both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. This is exactly why our elementary school, middle school, and high school curricula and programming incorporate social/emotional skill-building and individual efficacy, along with mental health support. Learn more about our emphasis on social/emotional skills inside the classroom here.


Arrowsmith Program & Neurofeedback

We don’t simply notice or talk about the importance of mental health and wellness. We offer a range of opportunities to literally shape the way our students’ brains function for the better. Learn more about our partnership with the Barbara Jordan Arrowsmith Program and our students’ success through neurofeedback here.


Positive Psychology

We know how difficult it is to achieve the coveted “good life.” And, we know that we can build our students up by focusing on their strengths and skills, instead of the negatives like so many others choose to do. Learn more about our positive psychology coursework here.



Physical wellness is also integral to our students’ learning. We know that a well-nourished body facilitates a well-nourished mind. Learn more about our wellness programming here.


Familial Support

Our social/emotional support does not begin or end with the classroom. In fact, we support many of our students by supporting their families, as well. Whether it be hosting parent support groups during difficult times or offering psychological support to parents or siblings of students, Xavier families know that we care about their full lives. Learn more about how we support families here.


Life Outside the Classroom

One of the major components of life at Xavier is how we prepare our students for and support them through their lives outside of Xavier. We cater our curriculum and scheduling around students with strict extra-curricular schedules or expectations and support students in their professional and personal pursuits. Learn more about the many ways we help our students develop outside the classroom here.