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While we love to see testimonials from our students and families, it brightens our day to know that our faculty also love being a part of the Xavier community. Their consistent commitment and passion is what makes Xavier the special place it is and we are so thankful for all their hard work.

We hope our Xavier families are ready for a safe and happy holiday season! This year has been a challenge for all of us, but the holidays are a wonderful reminder what a blessing it is to spend time at home with the people you love. To celebrate this special time of year, Xavier is collecting holiday recipes from our faculty, students and families to share in a digital recipe book! We encourage you to fill out the form below and share your favorite traditional holiday recipes with our community! ❤️ *This photo was taken last year pre-COVID*

This year hasn't been easy for our students, families or faculty, but today is a wonderful reminder that we still have a lot to be thankful for. We appreciate our community for sticking together and taking on this year with us and hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving with the people you love. ❤️

Last week Mrs. Rose and our students took a field trip to the Foltz Gallery for art class! Students were able to explore the work of Houston artists Otis Huband and Leila Mc Connell and share their thoughts on the exhibit. 🎨 Our experiential learning opportunities offer students a more hands-on and interactive approach to their education and create a more dynamic and engaged dialogue between students and their teachers.

Our students had a wonderful time celebrating the start of Thanksgiving break on Friday with our Thanksgiving in the Park lunch! 🦃 We love finding ways to safely stay connected with our community and appreciate our parents and FOX team for organizing this special event! ❤️

Baking therapy with Josie becomes even more meaningful when it benefits our community. Our student Shayna baked cookies last week to support the Houston Police Department's “Week of Sweets”. The station recently lost Sergeant Preston in the line of duty and this initiative is a way for the community to honor his memory and show their care for the team he’s left behind. Coming together in tough times is what makes our community stronger. ❤️

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, and to help relieve some of that stress, we're collecting your family recipes to share with our community. Let's all enjoy the therapeutic benefits of whipping up something sweet (or savory) this holiday season! Click the link below to share your favorite recipes with us. https://bit.ly/3ewNKTB

Our Differences Are Our Superpowers: Thinking Beyond the "Dis" in Disability


Betsy Walling Furler has pivoted her training as a speech pathologist into a career in tech, figuring out how to help make technology accessible for people with diverse abilities. She has seen time and again that the “dis” abilities people have are really the differences that help them stand abo...

Xavier administrators, mental health practitioners, faculty, students and families welcome the opportunity to support and participate in leading psycho-social research and experiences. One such example is our recent foray into a pilot study with BrainCo Technology and Harvard Innovation Labs, thanks to leadership from past Xavier parent, neurodiversity specialist and founder of For All Abilities, Betsy Furler. Check out her incredible TEDx Talk to learn more about her passion for making technology accessible to people with diverse abilities. With 15 students currently enrolled in our eight-week study and room for five more to join the group, Betsy and Brain Co's work is intended to provide scientifically-validated support for the company's neurofeedback headband in an educational setting. Click the link below to learn more about this unique opportunity available for Xavier students. https://bit.ly/3lnVXvR

Matchy Monday. 👯‍♀️ Our faculty accidentally showed up to work in color-coordinated outfits. Guess it's true that great minds think alike. 😉 Tag the school friends that make your Mondays more fun in the comments!

We love it when our Xavier alumni reach out to share what they're up to! One of our grads Rachel is doing big things at The University of Texas at Austin! 👏🏽 In her time at the university so far, Rachel has made the Dean's list this past semester as well as made University Honors for 2 consecutive semesters! She's also been accepted into an interdisciplinary certificate program that allows her to further her study of Children and Society across colleges and gain course credit through required research assistantships, internships, and literature reviews. According to Rachel: "The first semester or two is a period of adjustment. The curriculum, the atmosphere of college is different. My advantage was three years of time management. Xavier's curriculum is not unlike college. You are given assignments and deadlines. Sometimes the professor will remind you of due dates, but the way you handle work is up to you. What skill sets do you have? Can you manage a schedule? Are you organized? Do you procrastinate? Are you able to ask for help? Are you able to find/search for resources that your college offers? Being ready for college is about having the tools and skills to succeed, not knowing the information going in. Xavier provides you with the environment to learn these skills." We're so happy to hear that Xavier helped Rachel prepare to take on the big things she's accomplishing! We couldn't be more proud of our alumni as they take on new challenges and continue to learn and grow in college. ❤️

One of the amazing things about our Xavier community is the appreciation we have for one another - students, faculty, and families alike. Our wonderful art teacher Mrs. Rose is thankful for her friendship with our drama teacher and Arrowsmith program co-teacher Michelle: "I am grateful for Michelle Caillouet. She is a bright light anytime you see her! Her warmth is comforting, her smile is sincere and luminous, and her hugs are full of love. She is a wonderful teacher and friend!" Tag a fellow student, parent or faculty member you're thankful for in the comments!

Our new website is LIVE! We're so excited to share the new site with you all and hope it will be a valuable resource of information for faculty, students and current and prospective families alike. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, don’t worry! We’ll be making continuous updates throughout the year to ensure all the information you’ll need has a place on the site. Click the link below to check it out! https://xaviereducationalacademy.com/

Hello, Xavier community! It’s finally November which means we’re gearing up for the holiday season, and we have a special community initiative we’re super excited to share with you! In this unconventional year, we know it’s hard to stay connected and embrace your usual traditions, but we think time spent baking in the kitchen with your family and loved ones is the best form of comfort. To encourage togetherness and the mental health benefits baking can provide our families, we want to create a recipe book that features tried and true holiday favorites from everyone in our community! If you’re a parent, student, former student, or faculty member, we’d love for you to fill out the Google form and share your favorite holiday recipes with us! Click the link below to fill out the form! https://bit.ly/3ewNKTB

We’re so proud of our first-time voter students for their civic engagement in this election! We are so happy to see you use your voice and your vote to support what you believe in. ❤️💙