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Talent Showcase 2022

April 28, 2022 7pm

Xavier students and staff - mark your calendars for Thursday, April 28 and show us your talent at the Xavier Talent Showcase! In school, we don’t often get to explore your unique talents and hobbies outside of academics. Now is the opportunity to show your friends, teachers and family what you love to do outside of class!

We know that there are so many talents out there outside of music and we encourage our students to showcase their unique hobbies and skills no matter the category. So if you love reading poetry, dancing, gymnastics, hula hoop, magic, a karate routine or even want to make us laugh with some stand-up comedy - now is your time to shine!

Sign up with Linda Lowe or Veronica Sanchez and we will arrange a time for you to show off your skills. Sign up now to ensure you will have plenty of time to perfect your act before you are on stage! The Talent Showcase will be held outdoors at the Bellaire Town Square, so bring a lawn chair or a blanket and enjoy a special evening with our Xavier stars.