Community Partners

Xavier is the dynamic community it is thanks to our ever-growing partnerships within the community. Our students benefit from partnerships with leading mental health organizations, higher education institutions, local arts programs and more.


The Arrowsmith Program

Through rigorous, customized brain exercises, our Arrowsmith facilitators work to strengthen weak cognitive linkages that cause challenges in learning processes and executive functioning. Developed by Barbara Arrowsmith Young, David Wizig leads our program at Xavier where students’ brains are literally rewired to ameliorate barriers to learning.


Houston Galveston Institute

Houston Galveston Institute trains our staff and provides mental health support to our students and their families and many of our staff therapists are HGI faculty members, as well.

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Our Lady of the Lake University

Through our partnership with Our Lady of the Lake University, many of its Master's level candidates provide therapy services to our students as they pursue their LMFT, LPC and/or School Psychology licensure. AND we've been lucky enough to retain many of these therapist as part- or full-time members of our team once they complete their clinical hours.


Mental Health Practitioners

Our on-site therapists bring their individual experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, Marriage & Family Therapy and countless additional modalities to our campuses. We benefit from their continued studies (including many who are working with our students as they complete their dissertations) and their various specialties including anxiety, depression, child and adolescent therapy, baking therapy, suicide prevention and more.

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Menninger Clinic

We also extend this support to our greater community. Through our partnership with Menninger Clinic, many of our teachers visit its in-patient clients to ensure they continue to achieve academically while being treated for various mental health needs.

Our students also take advantage of a plethora of elective courses and extra-curricular activities thanks to our strategic partnerships with many of the city's top organizations and arts studios.


Writers in the Round

Writers in the Round is a community sponsored, not for profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) performing arts organization, which was formed to teach, nurture, support, encourage and preserve the cultural heritage of creative writers from around the world, and to provide an opportunity to gather together to perform original music, and to inspire the creation of new works.

Xavier students explore their interests and budding musical talents through the various courses offered thanks to our partnership with WITR, including:

  • Introduction to Music
  • Music Theory
  • Bass
  • Ukulele
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Songwriting
  • Voice Training
  • Prolific Production

Check out photos from our past productions with WITR here.

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Motion Dance Center

Through our partnership with our Movement & Dance instructor, Karen, and her business, Motion Dance Company, Xavier students are able to grow in their love of dance. We currently offer a Principles of Dance course which introduces the terminology and general principles of dance to students. Students perform beginning/intermediate movements in a variety of genres, study choreography, develop self-discipline, and participate in group routines/projects.

Through our Principles of Dance II course, students create expressive phrases, explore the role of dance in diverse cultures, and analyze performances.

As they progress to Principles of Dance III, the course extends development in styles and concepts, with opportunities for students to conduct research into dance history and develop performance evaluation skills.

In Principles of Dance IV, students develop and assess their artistic growth, create, produce, and perform dance works, design costumes, and relate dance to culture and contemporary society.


Lone Star College-Houston North

Xavier students work at their own pace, which often enables them to start their collegiate experiences ahead of the curve.

Through our partnership with Lone Star College Houston North, Xavier students may enroll in academic and/or technical courses for college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit. These are rigorous college-level courses which require more homework than grade level classes, but also offer our students opportunities to adjust to collegiate life well before on they are campus. In order to take these courses, students must meet certain qualifications such as passing the TSI, and or obtaining a specific score on the ACT/SAT. Grades for these courses appear on both the student’s high school transcript and college transcript. Weighted grades are awarded for DC/DE courses.

Learn more about Xavier's Early College offerings here.