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Updated COVID Protocol: Masks Now Optional

Dear Xavier Parents, Students, Teachers and Staff,

Starting Monday, February 14, masks are now optional on campus. This decision has been made after consultation with our medical advisory team and is based on the significant reduction of COVID, an almost 100% vaccination status for our students, teachers and staff and the significant number of COVID cases that have impacted our campus during the past 8 weeks. One of the pediatricians that we consult with has stated that in general, spread in schools has not been a driver of the pandemic and in fact, most kids with COVID, especially younger kids get it from a household contact, and Omicron has been a milder illness overall in all age groups including young kids.

Making masks optional does not mean that if you are on campus you CAN"T wear a mask. In fact, there will be situations in which masks remain important. For example, following exposure to COVID or someone in the household having COVID, we will continue to enforce these guidelines. Higher-risk individuals should continue to mask until numbers fall further, and many students and adults will take a while to feel comfortable without masks. We will support all students, teachers and staff in these decisions.

Lastly, if there is anything COVID has taught us is that predicting the future is futile. If another surge comes or a more serious variant, we must be ready to adapt and resume masking.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Many Thanks,

David Garner

Director of Schools