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Ukrainian Family in Need of Assistance

Dear Xavier families,

Many of you may be very upset about what is happening in Ukraine and several of you have expressed a desire to help in some way. For me, the feeling is extremely close to home as I have close friends who are currently struggling to survive. My wife Jenelle and I lived and worked in Kyiv, Ukraine from 1993-to 1995. While there, we met Ruslan and Lena who worked at our company and despite the language barrier, we became good friends and spent many hours getting to know each other. After Jenelle and I returned to the US, our families and friendship continued to grow. Ruslan and Lena now have a 23-year-old daughter who just graduated from college. Their 17-year-old son is embarking on his university studies.

Lena’s job with the Ukrainian justice system and Ruslan’s freelance graphic design business have been put on hold since the Russian invasion. Things are dire. The family fled with only what they could carry to an underground parking garage where they lived for five days, enduring twenty-degree temperatures. The family decided that the situation in Kyiv was not sustainable, and they decided to try to leave the city. It took three tries to escape the city due to shelling, ultimately boarding a train to Lviv and taking refuge with a friend’s aunt in a small apartment. The entire family is now living in a single room as they cope with an unknown future. As hourly wage earners, Ruslan and Lena have no income and unfortunately, we received word this afternoon that their apartment in Kyiv was hit by Russian shelling and they may have lost everything.

Xavier is committed to serving our community, no matter how far it extends. Richard and I have decided that one small way we can help is for Xavier to adopt their family and help Ruslan and Lena during this calamity and get back on their feet. We hope to provide financial support so Ruslan can purchase equipment to continue his graphic design business as they are in desperate need of financial aid. We know they will also share this support with their host and other family friends in need.

In addition, on a personal note my son is headed to Europe this Sunday as part of a group of college volunteers aiding Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Austria. They will spend spring break processing thousands of refugees fleeing the area. Our family is in the process of setting up a border meeting to directly assist our friends of nearly thirty years with money, food, and clothing.

If you would like to donate, please send your contribution through Friends of Xavier with the following link https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=UBUXXD5JDYL4U

FOX is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations will receive a tax receipt. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. We will send updates on Ruslan and Lena so you can see how your gifts have impacted their lives.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity,