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Meet the Xavier Fashion Club!

With the Art Show coming up on May 5, our students are gearing up to showcase their gorgeous and creative artwork for the whole community to see - including the Xavier Fashion Club! We interviewed a few members of the Fashion Club, Kayla Pendleton and Avery Sawyer. Learn more about their passion for fashion and what projects they're working on below.

Avery Sawyer (right) and the rose dress she made (1).jpg

Avery Sawyer, 10th Grade

Avery decided to join the Fashion Club because ever since she was little, she always wanted to create a dress. Her grandmother taught her how to sew when she was younger and when she passed away, she wanted to keep it going. She even continued teaching herself through YouTube videos.

The rose dress pictured here was a childhood dress that once had and wanted to bring it to life. The dress took a lot of late nights of hot gluing and sewing, plus trying to stitch to her size, as well as cutting out the back. "A lot of weeks and lack of sleep."

Avery hopes to pursue a career in fashion. She would be the only one in her family to have a fashion degree. Her family is extremely supportive and loves that they allow her to be creative.

Fashion Club, in her own words, "is a stress relief from what’s happening in the world. It takes your mind off of everything and that is why she likes to be involved. And I think most people would agree."

Kayla Pendelton & her 1890's Edwardian skirt (1).jpg

Kayla Pendleton, 12th grade

Kayla has been sewing since she was in kindergarten, creating clothes for her stuffed animals. These last few years, she has gotten into historical fashion and actually just finished sewing a bustle skirt for an 1890s pattern. Her favorite aspect of being apart of fashion club is seeing what everyone else is working on and gaining inspiration from the other members. She also draws inspiration from YouTube and Instagram.

Her favorite piece she has worked on is a corset, as she has been working on it on and off for 2 years and the pattern making is extremely difficult.

Kayla also hopes to work in Fashion, she has a family friend that works for Houston Ballet and would love to intern in costuming.