year-round school 

Xavier’s campuses are open year-round, ensuring that no student falls behind simply because of scheduling conflicts, learning differences or a misfit with their previous school.


Because we are open all year, we are able to start a student’s academic journey at any time. As such, we offer rolling admissions and month-by-month tuition payments.

Offering year-round school provides our faculty with unique ability to slow down portions of the curriculum for students who may need more time, attention or effort. While many of our students are high achievers with exceptional abilities, they may have slower processing speeds. These students, especially, benefit from being able to work at their self-directed pace or with guidance from one of the teachers they trust.

By not being bound by a traditional calendar school year (and the arbitrary time restrictions that follow suit), our students are able to fully achieve their potentials. Year-round school also proves beneficial to students with irregular schedules, such as athletes, students going through medical treatment or students with other unique circumstances or passions and endeavors outside of the school setting.

Our year-round schedule also provides accelerated educational advancement for students who find themselves moving at a much faster pace. Students who want to complete high school and enroll in college courses earlier can take advantage of year-round schooling to take additional courses. This is just one more way these students find themselves prepared for the collegiate atmosphere, as this model follows the academic calendar found across most college campuses.