Transitional School

Xavier Educational Academy has grown exponentially since our founding in 2007. In fact, Xavier first began as a transitionary school. Students turned to Xavier to help them get back on track for one to two semesters at a time and then returned to their former school or moved on to another school.


And while we've grown, we still honor our roots.

While the majority of Xavier Educational Academy students are, in fact, full-time students, we continue to offer students from other private and public institutions a transition option. This portion of our student population attends for a short period of time while their parents or caregivers determine the best next step for their children.

Our priority is to ensure that, while these students are members of the Xavier community, they continue to grow academically (and socially) while they await acceptance into other schools or determine their next steps. It is our responsibility to make sure their transitions to and from other schools are as seamless as possible. As such, we work with these students and their parents or caregivers to create an individualized plan (as we do with all of our students) that meets the demands of the program they plan to attend next.

While we continue to deal with a national pandemic, we’ve also opened our doors to students from several top-tier private schools who would prefer an online or hybrid approach to their schools’ in-person options. Learn more about how our community is uniquely positioned to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic here.