Our Educational Approach

At Xavier, we believe that every student can learn and thrive in the right environment, and that sometimes all a student needs is a more individualized approach to succeed. Our mission is to provide a supportive, nurturing environment in which each student is encouraged to realize his or her potential and where caring staff accelerates learning and personal growth in a stimulating and positive atmosphere. We offer a customized and flexible approach to learning for students as we help them grow socially, academically and personally. The Xavier approach is guided by four core values:



Each student develops immense pride in the work they accomplish whether it be through academics or community service.



Each student is encouraged to work independently, so they quickly learn to hold themselves accountable for their work.



Each student is keenly aware that our educators genuinely care for them, so mutual respect is a natural outcome.



Each student realizes that they have a right to be valued, and more importantly, they learn to treat themselves with the proper respect.

Our Dynamic Student Body

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