Individualized Teaching & Office Hours

Part of the “secret sauce” behind what makes the Xavier difference a reality is our individualized teaching style coupled with our office hours program and small, group learning environments.

What sets Xavier Academy apart?

  • Our focus on each individual student and his, her or their specific needs, talents, strengths and work styles.
  • Our faculty and mental health professionals’ commitment to helping students develop the self-awareness to recognize their own needs, talents, strengths and work styles and to self-regulate, ask for help and/or advocate for themselves based on this knowledge.
  • Our partnership approach with our students and their families, where, together, we create individualized learning and social/emotional plans that work best for each individual student.

In addition to meeting with teachers to dive deeper into a challenge area, office hours also enable students to meet in smaller peer groups. A key driver behind our work at Xavier centers around learning as a deeply social phenomenon. We encourage students to socialize as they learn together. Through these small group settings, our students enjoy a positive learning environment where they can be themselves, have fun and absorb as much as they can academically. Small groups also enable our students to build confidence in asking for help from teachers and each other, as they begin to recognize that they are not alone in various academic challenges.

Another benefit of individualized and small group learning? The ability to keep our students and faculty healthy during a global pandemic. Learn more about our commitment to our students during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

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How can WE help your student if they attend another school?

As with our transitional school, summer school and homework club offerings, our teachers are available to students from other institutions during office hours. We often set up one-on-one instruction for students with specific needs, enabling our faculty to build rapport with and get to know students quickly. Through both formal and informal assessments, we are able to build personalized curriculum to help buffer any educational gaps. Our faculty provides ongoing support to ensure students are organized and fulfilling their educational commitments in a timely manner. Our faculty may provide mini lessons or tutoring sessions to bridge any gaps for these students. This enables us to work with students who may be at risk of falling behind in their course work.

Over time, students transition from individual sessions into small group sessions, to take advantage of the benefits offered through peer learning. We work with students to meet their immediate goals of getting back on track, while working toward a long-term objective of helping them becoming autonomous learners.