Homework Club

Our students often find that they are able to focus more intently and gain valuable insights from classmates, similarly aged peers or faculty members when they are given a structured environment meant to provide just that! Our homework club offers a quiet, organized environment for full-time Xavier Academy students and students from other schools to do their homework.

Homework club is available Monday through Friday year-round and, in addition to serving as a space to accomplish the week’s homework, helps students establish patterns and routines (including study and organizational skills) necessary to achieve academically and beyond.

Today, an overwhelming population of students are diagnosed with ADHD, are over-programmed or simply cannot find the motivation or organizational know-how to commit to homework. As such, our homework club serves as a change agent for students who struggle to stay organized and/or motivated, and, in turn, academically successful. For these learners, homework is a major pain point (and often a constant battle for their parents).

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Are you the parent of a student whose:

  • Assignments vanish on a regular basis
  • Assignments are completed late or are done at the very last minute
  • Assignments are a struggle because the student finds him or herself completely lost or behind by the time they get to their homework
  • Homework assignments takes up the better part of their afternoons, evenings and, even, weekends?

Your child might benefit from homework club, as so many of our own Xavier Academy students and students from dozens of other schools have.

Homework club helps students achieve more academically by:

  • Providing a highly structured environment
  • Providing academically-sound routines and procedures
  • Utilizing research-based methodology
  • Setting high expectations for our students and empowering them to believe they can meet these expectations
  • Holding students accountable
  • Offering a location other than the home environment, where there may be fewer distractions, stressors or bad habits
  • Setting attainable goals alongside our students
  • Evaluating student behaviors in order to empower the behaviors that will benefit them academically while offering alternatives to the behaviors that negatively impact their performance

As with everything we do at Xavier, our homework club students are actively involved in these processes, instilling excitement in their own success and belief in the goals we mutually set. Likewise, we bring parents or caregivers and faculty members into the mix so that we can serve as a supportive, collaborative team for students in and out of our homework club environment.

Over time, students transition from individual sessions into small group sessions, to take advantage of the benefits offered through peer learning. We work with students to meet their immediate goals of getting back on track, while working toward a long-term objective of helping them become autonomous learners.