Early College/Dual Credit

In addition to our Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses, Xavier students are able to advance their educational experience and prepare for their future higher educational aspirations through enrollment in Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment (DC/DE).


Lone Star College Houston North

Thanks to our partnership with Lone Star College Houston North, Xavier students may enroll in academic and/or technical courses for college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit. These are rigorous college-level courses which require more homework than grade level classes, but also offer our students opportunities to adjust to collegiate life well before on they are campus. In order to take these courses, students must meet certain qualifications such as passing the TSI, and or obtaining a specific score on the ACT/SAT. Grades for these courses appear on both the student’s high school transcript and college transcript. Weighted grades are awarded for DC/DE courses.

Through our partnership with Lone Star College Houston North, students are able to take these courses at one of our Xavier campuses, at one of Lone Star’s campuses, online or through a hybrid model.

The following DC/EC courses are available to Xavier students:

  • Academic – designed primarily to apply to transfer (bachelors), Associate of Arts (AA), or Associate of Science (AS) degrees
  • Core Curriculum - The curriculum in liberal arts, humanities, sciences and political, social, and cultural history that all undergraduate students of an institution of higher education are required to complete before receiving an academic undergraduate degree
  • Foreign Language
  • Workforce (Career & Technical Education) – designed to allow students to enroll in LSC credit workforce program while working towards obtaining an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or Certificate

Houston Community College

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Benefits of enrolling in DC/EC courses

Collegiate Core Curriculum

Learn more about what you our your student will be required to take in college core curriculum courses and how our partnership with LSC enables you (or them) to start a few steps ahead.


DC/EC Enrollment is Cost-Effective

Lone Star College Waives:

  • The tuition (the price you pay for class by credit hours) for dual credit courses
  • Initial test fee for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment

Student Pays:

  • Fees (charged to all students and provides services such as libraries, learning centers and computer labs)
  • Textbooks and other instructional materials may be purchased from the campus bookstore or other textbook retailers in new, used, rental, or e-book formats

Eligibility for DC/EC Courses

In order to take these courses, students must meet certain qualifications such as passing the TSI, and or obtaining a specific score on the ACT/SAT.


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