College Counseling

Our college counseling services are another one of the many ways our faculty helps prepare students for collegiate success. Xavier’s Director of College Counseling, Sarah, empowers students through every step of the college application process, from the minute details to the big-picture questions. At Xavier, we believe applying to colleges is about more than finding the “perfect” school; it’s about finding the perfect school for you. Sarah is there to assist our students as they make these big decisions, and offers support and insight so that every student can make the best impression at their schools of choice.

In addition to hosting virtual and in-person events with college admissions officers from schools across the country, Xavier also shares resources with students and families so they can be prepared for every big admissions deadline and offers support and feedback for students as they complete their applications. The Xavier faculty is deeply invested in helping every student find a college that will continue to support their individual needs as we prepare students for a seamless transition into college life.

Wondering what colleges Xavier graduates have been accepted to over the years?

*Indicates where students in the class of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 have enrolled.