Alternative Educational Opportunities

At Xavier, we know that a conventional school year may not be the best fit for many of our students, which is why part of our individualized approach involves alternative scheduling options.

In addition to giving our students scheduling autonomy for their daily class schedule each week, we also offer year-round school for students who may prefer a slower-paced or more flexible approach and summer school sessions for students who want to keep up with their education during a traditional “off season.” This flexibility not only grants our students the freedom to pursue their passions outside the classroom while making progress on their academic goals, but it also develops strong self-management skills as students learn to take responsibility for their time and manage their priorities accordingly. While our faculty is always there to provide schedules for students who prefer more structure, we find this unique approach creates a more beneficial learning environment for students who don’t thrive in the typical classroom.


Individualized Teaching & Office Hours

Part of what makes the Xavier difference a reality is this individualized teaching style coupled with our office hours program and small, group learning environments.


Homework Club

Our homework club offers a quiet, organized environment for full-time Xavier Academy students and students from other schools to do their homework.


Year-Round School

Xavier’s campuses are open year-round, ensuring that no student falls behind simply because of scheduling conflicts, learning differences or a misfit with their previous school.


Dual Credit/Early College

Xavier students are able to advance their educational experience and prepare for their future higher educational aspirations through enrollment in Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment (DC/DE).


Summer School/Credit Recovery

Xavier offers intensive and thorough summer school courses for students who may not have met their full potential at the school they attend during the regular school year.


Transitional School

This portion of our student population attends Xavier for a short period of time while their parents or caregivers determine the best next step for their children.