At Xavier, we believe that children and adolescents who are seen and heard grow into capable, compassionate adults, so we tend to the entirety of each child, from their academic curiosities to their creative pursuits to their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Creating a space where every student can learn and grow

The Xavier Difference

Our mission is to cultivate each of our students to realize their greatest potential through highly individualized learning practices that foster their passions; a team of educators that deeply respect and honor each child’s unique value; and a nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment that encourages every child to embrace their truest selves.

We encourage our students to embrace an interdisciplinary education both inside and outside the classroom. Xavier offers multiple international learning and research opportunities for students throughout the year; just one more way we practice a hands-on approach to learning. Our students thrive in our personalized and engaged classroom environment and we are a tight-knit community.

At Xavier, the possibilities are infinite.

  • Xavier's class of 2019 collectively received over $6.5 million in College Merit Scholarship Offers.
  • Xavier students have been accepted to more than 140 top-tier universities across the country since 2017.
  • Our Xavier students include dozens of award-winning artists, actresses, musicians and and so much more.
  • Xavier students and families benefit from our 4 staff therapists, along with our utilization of the Arrowsmith program and neurofeedback.
  • 40+ Xavier faculty members bring their personal and professional talents in poetry, music, fitness and more to work.
  • The average student to teacher ratio at Xavier's four campuses:
  • 7-to-1 and sometimes even less.