Parent Testimonial

Parent of Xavier Student, Jakob

I just wanted to share major breakthroughs that Erin has had with Jakob in English.

I had been emailing with her about Jakob’s accommodations, feedback he has given me, fears he has, etc.

Erin read everything thoroughly, tried out new ideas and techniques with Jakob and I’m happy to share the following which are major breakthroughs:

  1. He actually EMAILED a teacher (Erin), asked a question and asked to meet with her. That is HUGE! He told me just the other night he was too scared to as he was afraid he would mess up, not use the right tone, etc. He is obviously very comfortable with Erin.
  2. Erin is meeting with him in 1-1 sessions 2 times a week outside of class. In this past Thursday session, she was working with him on writing / drafting.

  3. She taught him how to use the dictation software (even though we tried many times…we are parents, so there is that).

  4. He also said to me afterwards “I love writing with Erin. She is teaching me a lot and I’m not afraid to make mistakes.”

  5. I shared with him that in the Spring he has to do a research paper and I asked him what he thought. He said “I’m not afraid. I know Erin is there to help me and she will help me draft it, so there is nothing to be afraid of.”

I mean, seriously….you have NO IDEA how excited we are about this.

I love that no one is “coddling” him with his writing, but Erin and others are “meeting him where he is at” and helping him move forward. All of his other schools just did the bare minimum (i.e. write 5 sentences) so he learned that nothing more was expected, so he did nothing more.

I really appreciate how Erin listens, takes everything on board, makes a plan and most of all – makes Jakob feel SO comfortable….even though she is on zoom! She has made major, major breakthroughs with him.

Thank you so much!