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Stephanie Curry

English Teacher

Stephanie Curry currently holds an MA in English as well as a BA in English and a BS in Pre-Med Chemistry. She graduated as salutatorian from Jesse H. Jones senior high school in 2009. From 2009 to 2018, she attended Texas Southern University for her undergraduate and graduate studies. Although she began her education at TSU as a chemistry major, she soon learned that her heart yearned for English. As a little girl, she often found herself innocently correcting others on their usage of certain words—much to their chagrin. Her love for English did not stop at grammar; she also developed a passion for “dictionary reading” at age 12. Consequently, she found herself studying hardback dictionaries at school and her paperback dictionary at home. Although she cannot remember the age, she is aware that she became an avid reader near the same time she became a “dictionary reader.” Her books provided a source of constructive escapism during troubling times, and she owes her life to the many books that her mom spoiled her with. These three things pushed her to pursue a dual degree at TSU. Is it any wonder that these things foretold her future as a tutor, adjunct professor, and teacher?

Her career began in grad school where she became a tutor for undergraduate students while drafting her thesis. She was not quite sure how to navigate English in relation to others, but she was willing to try. When she received her MA degree, she was offered an adjunct position in the English department of the very school she had spent so many fond years. There, she developed a love of teaching, and she simultaneously provided a therapeutic ear to her students. Thus, teaching at TSU afforded her the opportunity to discover her weaknesses and her strengths. In turn, she was able to reduce her weak points and fine-tune her strong points.

Two years later, Stephanie is proud to be an English teacher at Xavier Academy. She intends to do her best work here, and she looks forward to providing a comfortable environment for her students.

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