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Nelliana Acuna

Assistant Principal, Middle School

Nelliana Acuna serves as the Middle School Assistant Principal. She brought her talents to our team in 2019 as a proactive, analytical, results-focused Human Resources specialist with a Master’s degrees in Psychology and Therapy, whose passion from working with people only adds to her cross-functional work background in supporting and coaching individuals towards becoming more resourceful, independent and to plan out goals and strategies while steadily moving towards them. Nelliana has been recognized for her sharp instincts in developing policies and processes that advance company missions while promoting engagement and performance. Nellia is a certified mental health practitioner, who received her Master of Arts in Couples & Family Therapy from Our Lady of the Lake in Houston, a Master of Arts in System Therapy from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela.

She also received an International Certificate in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices from one of our community partners, Houston Galveston Institute. She also received Human Resources Management, Building High Performance Teams, Developing Manager Coach Competencies and Measurement Systems & Indicators for Control & Management from Institute of Advanced Studies in Business Administration (IESA). Outside of the classroom, she loves dance, enjoys spending time with her three kids and has lived in three different continents. She is a passionate believer in Xavier’s mission of opening new possibilities for those that don't fit in the small boxes that society creates for them.

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