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Michael Krumholz

High School STEM Teacher

Michael Krumholz is a High School Math and Science Teacher at Xavier, joining the team in 2016. Michael also served as the head of our Woodlands campus Math and Science Department in its first and second years of operation. He’s taught a number of math and science courses including Algebra I and II, College Algebra, Precalculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Middle-School Math and Science. He’s also guided students through asynchronous/independent learning in self-paced/online coursework and in a personal tutoring role for Marine Biology and test prep (GED, ACT, SAT). Michael received his B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Tulane University. He is College Board Certified in AP Physics I. Outside of the classroom, Michael enjoys strategy games and has written articles as a columnist for Magic: the Gathering (strategy card-based game) website.

Michael shares, “I love that Xavier celebrates difference in people and strives to similarly set itself apart from other schools. This year, I look forward to creating an innovative and responsive biology curriculum that exemplifies this core belief that we can only be ‘better’ by being different.”

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