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Lindsey Day

Wellness Teacher

Lindsey Day is Xavier’s Comprehensive Wellness/Nutrition Teacher for Middle and High School students. She has been a part of our Xavier community since 2016, and simultaneously supports Houstonians as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, hosting Wellness segments for CW39. She is currently obtaining her Master’s in Nutrition as she is on a mission to help others optimize their health, a major benefit to our Xavier students and families! Outside of the classroom (and newsroom), Lindsey enjoys learning how to make eating healthy taste good and experimenting with different recipes. She developed a “Charge Up Challenge”program to optimize the health of individuals. The program information has helped hundreds to shrink inches off the waistline, drop several pounds of fat, add several pounds of muscle, significantly boost energy levels and improve health. The goal is to positively change one million lives with the “Charge Up Challenge!” Lindsey’s personal goal is to be fluent in Spanish within the next few years and she’s certainly close!

Learn more about Lindsey at her website or by visiting her Facebook, Instagram or YouTube accounts.

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