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Ilana Reisz

Collaborative Leadership Teacher

Ilana Reisz teachers Collaborative Leadership at Xavier. She wanted to be a physical therapist since she was a teen growing up in Israel and when her family emigrated to the U.S., she was able to realize that dream. After earning a B.S. from New York University, Ilana had a long and varied career in physical therapy including at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR), managing her private practice, and in teaching new professionals. Her curiosity about behavioral and relational aspects of rehabilitation, led her to return to the University of Houston at Clear Lake, where she earned an M.A. in Psychology, and contributed a chapter to a volume of Rehabilitation Psychology. A deepening interest in the social determinants of health, led her to a doctoral program at the University of Texas School of Public Health. She earned a Ph.D. in 2006 with a dissertation based on a series of conversations on the social construction of health and aging with a group of older African American women. As a qualitative researcher in Houston’s underserved communities, with a number of large non-profit organizations, Ilana was privileged to work with students and adults who were eager to have a voice in conversations and decisions about the quality of their schools and communities.

Meeting Richard De La Cuadra in 2016, Ilana was ignited by his vision of education. She began to teach an elective Collaborative Leadership class at Xavier Educational Academy, for high school students who want to deepen their exploration of their own relational practices. Ilana is a faculty member at HGI (Houston Galveston Institute) and an active associate of The Taos Institute.

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