Dr. Anneke Schreuder

Dyscalculia Tutor

Dr. Anneke Schreuder has been a part of the Xavier team since 2014, serving as its Dyscalculia tutor.

Dr. Schreuder follows and implements the latest research on the subject of learning differences and best practices for intervention. She volunteered at Neuhaus and a fMRI study at UT and was trained as a reading tutor at UT. The tutoring experience brought back fond memories of her first student job as a Math tutor.

Unlike for dyslexia, where there is an abundance of good information for parents and teachers, dyscalculia is relatively new and unknown. In addition to serving as the Dyscalculia tutor at Xavier, she founded and owns Dyscalculia Services to raise awareness for dyscalculia and assist parents to support their children’s learning.

She loves to promote research-based educational strategies for students who struggle in Math and works diligently to reverse the negative spiral of low self esteem. Her enthusiasm for the subject is contagious and initially reluctant students have made enormous strides and even started to like the subject!

Dr. Schreuder has a longstanding interest in neuro-imaging and neuro-developmental pediatrics and the relationship with early childhood development and education. Her enthusiasm and love for knowledge called her to do research, resulting in her thesis describing the statistics of the medical, behavioral and early educational follow up of very preterm born babies at the time of entry of formal education, with a special emphasis on vision and language development. Usually the medical and educational fields progress in seclusion, but being knowledgeable in both makes it possible to build the bridge between the two. A few decades ago, the field of medicine shed the last shells of the long used ‘anecdotal’ approach and firmly moved into the era of evidence based medicine. Being actively involved during this process of restructuring in the medical world, she is delighted to contribute to the emerging parallel development in education, now evolving towards research based instruction in particular for children with a learning difference and share her experience of over a decade in videos and podcasts.

Outside of her work at Xavier and in her own practice, she loves family activities, the outdoors and looking after our environment. She shares that “Xavier embodies my belief that in a nurturing atmosphere all students can learn and flourish!”

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