David Garner

Director of Schools

David Garner is Xavier Academy’s managing director of schools. David champions a relational approach to education, where students learn by developing and applying critical thinking skills to subject content that resonates personally with them. With an MBA from the University of Houston and a Master of Arts in Teaching and Administration from Rice University, David combines his business acumen and his love of teaching to mentor fellow teachers and lead students in becoming college- and career-ready.

After fifteen years in international business and entrepreneurship, David pivoted to a new focus: developing a better way to educate children like his son, who is challenged by dyslexia. Inspired by the maxim that “all children can learn,” David obtained his teaching license and began to investigate new teaching methodologies for improving writing and reading comprehension, particularly those that promote cross-curricular literacy development by creating opportunities to apply literacy skills within and beyond ELA classes.

David’s teaching experience includes working as an AP history and business CATE teacher at both charter and public schools in Texas, working with GT students at Duke TIP, and serving as an AP essay reader for College Board. Over the past several years David has traveled with students to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East where they experience firsthand some of the world history learned in his classes while learning how their peers abroad live and grow in their respective cultures.

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