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Candace Runaas, MS, LMFT

Director, Woodlands Campus

Candace Runaas serves as the Director of our Woodlands Campus, joining our team in 2019. Candace worked in special education for seven years before pursuing and conferring a Masters degree in Psychology. She is highly trained in systems theory and relationships. She has post-graduate training (Masters of Science in Psychology) and credentials in collaborative practices and dialogue. She joined Xavier in 2019 as a school director to help foster an environment of collaborative learning. Candace is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist and earned her International Certificate of Collaborative Practices and is a Taos Institute Associate.

She is also a wife, mother of three adults and grandmother, as well as a proud bookaholic. As her students know, she loves to engage in philosophical discussion. She also speaks and understands Spanish at an intermediate conversational level, loves her fur babies and loves to hear about others’ pets too. Most of all, she loves the connectedness and the mutual learning community at Xavier Academy. Candace shares, “we truly care about our students, families, staff, faculty and administrators. This is evident by our flexibility in working with each individual while maintaining high educational standards. I am honored to be a part of Xavier.”

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