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Brenda Berger

4th Grade Teacher & Reading Support Specialist

Brenda Lynne Berger joined our team this year as a 4th Grade Teacher and Reading Support Specialist. Brenda has been teaching for the last 14 years with experience across various grades and subject areas including third through fifth grade, ELA for sixth through eighth grade and as an Academic Support Specialist supporting ESL, reading, math and writing for first through twelfth grade students. Brenda began her educational career on a Title campus, and, while this built her foundation, she continues to grow and learn daily through her current coursework for her Master’s program as a Literacy Specialist. Brenda has proven herself as an organized, creative teacher who establishes a safe classroom atmosphere facilitating an active and participatory learning environment. She does this through modeling, which she believes is key to set clear and understandable expectations for learners. She also finds that small group or individual support is vital to help understand the unique needs of every child, making her a wonderful fit for our educational approach. Brenda received her Bachelor's in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University, is certified in Balanced Literacy, is a Double Texas Certified Teacher (TX Certified Generalist EC-4 and TX Certified Special Education EC-12). She’ll soon receive her Master’s as a Literacy Specialist from Concordia University. Outside of the classroom, Brenda enjoys spending time with her 26 year-old daughter, 13 year-old son and her grandson. She also loves dark chocolate, country dancing and swimming at the beach.

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