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Bill Royall

Music Teacher

Bill Royall has been teaching Music courses at Xavier since 2014. He teachers our students various courses including guitar, bass, drums, songwriting, production, appreciation, ukulele and piano. Over the last two decades Bill Royall has taught in Houston and performed all over Texas and abroad. Bill teaches rock, blues, classical and jazz, with an emphasis on aural development, structure, music theory, rhythm and improvisation. Armed with a degree in Psychology and minor in Music (with emphasis on music for children) from SHSU he understands the importance of teaching foundational music concepts.

Bill takes pride in his work by empowering his students as he thoughtfully challenges them. He meets students where they are so they can experience the joy of music and take pride in their work. Bill has a direct, engaging teaching style and helps his students respectfully collaborate with others through music while developing a lifelong skill. Students are encouraged to share their excitement by bringing their favorite music to lessons. Carefully selected material focuses on rhythm, reading literacy, practical theory, aural training, flat pick/finger picking style, songwriting, production and performance.

Outside of the music room, Bill enjoys writing and recording music and keeping up with technology related to making music.He also has a strong appreciation and respect for reptiles and all animals, and has fostered many cats.

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