High School English Language Arts Teacher

Xavier Academy is looking for a 10th-11th grade English Language Arts teacher to join our team immediately!

Xavier Educational Academy is an independent private school offering a transformative educational experience for fifth- through twelfth-grade students in the Houston area. Founded on the belief that children who are seen and heard grow into capable, compassionate adults, Xavier tends to the entirety of each child, from their academic curiosities to their creative pursuits to their mental and emotional wellbeing. We cultivate each of our students to realize their greatest potential through highly individualized learning practices that foster their passions. Our team of visionary educators deeply respect and honor each child’s unique value, providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages every child to embrace their truest selves.

In this role, some of your job duties and responsibilities will include but are not limited to:


  • Provide and maintain a lively and engaging learning environment for students' active participation, assigning classwork, and conducting assessments to analyze student progress
  • Implement and deliver quality instruction to students and executing the instructional program by demanding higher order thinking activities from students in a warm and collaborative manner
  • Designing a curriculum that challenges the learning ability of each student and ensuring overall development of ELA skills
  • Preparing class assignments and assessment materials, analyzing results, and creating innovative teaching methods take into account the students' varying backgrounds, learning styles, and social-emotional needs
  • Provide learning material to the students, utilizing available school resources to monitor, access, and evaluate students' learning abilities and progress
  • Use assessment data to modify short and long-term plans in order to promote student academic success


  • Collaborate with fellow teachers on creating innovative methods of learning per the students' abilities and social-emotional needs
  • Embrace and incorporate feedback in the spirit of constant improvement
  • Optimizing the use of the Internet and other interactive technology for strengthening and supporting instructional programs
  • Establish and maintain a healthy relationship with students, parents, and staff members
  • Participate in professional development or other school-requested activities about the school's mission, current educational trends, and updated knowledge on the latest research-based educational developments
  • Following the instructional process and procedures adopted by the school as well as requirements under accreditation practices
  • Maintaining grade books and progress reports (utilizing school developed templates) while documenting students concept mastery and areas for improvement in academic, social-emotional and college and career readiness skills
  • Using school provided web or physical storage, organize and maintain student work, documents, records, and reports for general and academic records
  • Follow the latest classroom teaching policies as implemented and provided by XEA, state or national level
  • Actively participate in all required departmental, school, parent conferences, and required school-related professional development or other activities

Xavier offers a competitive salary, health insurance plans as well as paid personal days during the school year, four weeks paid summer vacation and scheduled school breaks and holidays as listed on the Xavier School Calendar.

To apply, email David Garner with your resume and to discuss next steps.